On August 20th, 2023, Stichting Kaalo Nederland conducted the admission exam for its scholarship program at the main office in Garowe. The examination process involved 61 young women who had recently completed high school.


This initiative marks the third education program collaboration between Stichting Kaalo Nederland and its higher education partner, the Puntland Institute of Management and Technology (PIMAT). Notably, two previous batches specializing in ICT and management recently graduated from PIMAT.

Scholarship Program Overview

Based on the rigorous examination process, 30 students have been selected to receive a fully-funded two-year Diploma in Secretary and Office Management scholarship. This comprehensive scholarship covers tuition fees, transportation expenses, and necessary learning materials.

Project Objectives

The primary goal of this initiative is to empower and educate young underprivileged girls in Garowe, offering them a pathway to employment and financial independence. The program aligns with broader objectives to address the escalating issues of poverty and unemployment in the region.

Training and Educational Partnerships

Over the next two years, these students will undergo extensive training at PIMAT, an institution renowned for its capacity and expertise in delivering transformative education. The program aims to provide access to high-quality education, a rarity in the region, with the potential to significantly impact the lives of the beneficiaries.

Internship and Career Opportunities

In addition to formal education, each student will have the invaluable opportunity to participate in an internship program. This hands-on experience will equip them with practical managerial skills. Those who excel in their studies will also be eligible for job placements upon graduation, further enhancing their career prospects.

Long-Term Impact By focusing on education and skill development, Stichting Kaalo Nederland endeavors to contribute to the long-term socioeconomic development of the community. The aim is to create apositive ripple effect, not only transforming the lives of individual beneficiaries but also fostering broader positive changes within the city of Garowe.


Stichting Kaalo Nederland remains committed to its mission of providing meaningful educational opportunities and addressing socio-economic challenges in the region. This scholarship program exemplifies the organization’s dedication to empowering young women and creating positive, sustainable change within the community.

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