Kaalo Nederland

Stichting KAALO Nederland (SKN) is  Humanitarian Organization was founded in 1994 by Somali Dutch intellectuals. The purpose is to provide sustainable livelihoods projects to support the most vulnerable communities in the areas of food and shelter, education and skill development programs, health facilities, water and sanitation, livelihoods projects of food security, child protection and human rights, and empowering of poor women, and young people to reduce poverty, and unemployment in Somalia.


SKN strives to sustain a poor community’s livelihoods in Somalia in a stable and economically vital Somali community living in peace, prosperity. The impoverished community has a strong to overcome hunger, poverty, and unemployment.


SKN enhancing and supporting the livelihoods of poor communities in Somalia through environmentally sound and sustainable development while focusing on solidarity with the poor neighborhoods, advocacy, transparency, human rights, and volunteerism.

SKN Core Values and Principles

  • Respects and solidarity with the poor community.
  • Moral and ethical integrity.
  • Honestly, fairness and equity.
  • Excellence, and professionalism
  • Integrity, and competent
  • Commitment and Collaboration with others.
  • Appreciation for diversity of cultural.
  • Advocacy, Transparency and accountability to stakeholders.
  • Communication and collaboration with high trustworthiness.
  • People-centered development.
  • Community managed sustainable development and
  • Impact-oriented of community development.

Focused Programmatic Areas

Stichting KAALO Netherlands (SKN) focuses on EIGHT core program areas and three cutting issues primarily integrated into the other core program areas, and each core area consisted twins programs:


  1. Food and Shelter
  2. Health facilities and supporting hospitals
  3. Water and Sanitation programs (WASH)
  4. Livelihoods Projects of food security
  5. Education and skill development Programs
  6. Cam Coordination and Cam Management (CCCM)
  7. Child protection, GBV and Human rights, and
  8. Empowering of poor women and young people (Girls and Boys) to reduce poverty, and unemployment in Somalia.
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