Solar energy installation and computers for schools

Every child has the right to an adequate education, where they have access to sufficient teaching materials and associated technology. In Puntland, children and some of the other society do not have access to electricity and have never used a computer. Since we are living an in an era where electricity and computers have become part of the human’s basic needs, and people who are skilled on these modern gadgets are highly demanded on the job market, this is very unfortunate.

Kaalo Necerland has taken initiative to help the children in Puntland by providing local schools with equipments like Solar energy and computers. The project which is named “Puntland’s basic educational needs” has been implemented in 2021. Kaalo Nederland has installed Solar energy of 3000W on four schools. Kaalo has also provided 10 computers with each of these schools.

The schools and the local community were very happy to receive these tools. Kaalo Nederland aspires to provide these solar energy and computers with as many schools as possible.

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