Youth training on the way to work Project

Stichting KAALO Nederland (SKN) has long history for supporting educational programs like; Building schools, capacity building of education sector works (Headmasters, CECs, teachers and so on).
Project Overview Stichting KAALO Nederland (SKN) has long history for supporting educational programs like; Building schools, capacity building of education sector works (Headmasters, CECs, teachers and so on). In 2020, Kaalo Nederland and its partner of Wilde Ganzen Foundation working last decides together to supported education particularly Puntland Institute of Management and Technology (PIMAT) which is a private institute of management and technology based in Garowe, Puntland state of Somalia. The project targeted direct beneficiaries focused on to create skill training opportunities for 20 young men and 20 young women of 12 months project in Garowe, which improved the lives of as many families, and giving them a view of future their young men and women. This project was changed the lives of large community by helped to easier their way of living through skill training for youth in Garowe and improved their opportunities in the market labour, and encourage self-employment of young people in Garowe. At least 70% of the population of Somalia is younger than thirty-five and the youth unemployment rate is huge. -This project filled the gap for the skilled manpower demand of the concerned industry, and increased demand in the market place in Garowe. This project reduced that young people join radical groups or leave their country with all the associated risks. The project was encouraged to the young people in and around Garowe (hope for) a future by offered them and their environment an inspiring, and created suitable learning environment.
Project Objectives To fill the gap for the skilled manpower demand of the concerned industry,Creation of an employment opportunity for youth empowerment through the skill training program, Provision of market-oriented skills and Professional Development ProgramsThese kinds of graduates shall play a pivotal role in the industry, regional and national efforts of poverty reduction in Puntland State Somalia Governmental and private organizations can find qualified labor for easily from the local labor market.
Project Activities All activities were carried out actually as planned and following are activities in details: We made research, preparation and making projectfundraised of the projectWe realized the aims and goals of the projectBefore the start: we bought teaching materials, and trainerRecruitment and development training.Recruitment, selection and training of youth in GarowePreparation of the training workshops and training centreStarted plaza activities and employment.Coordination and supporting of the project, and Completion of 12 months skills training including of Accountancy and bookkeeping, Computer training soft and Hardware, Network management, Website manager with programs such as world price Program, Entrepreneurship and English language..
Project Achievement Taken pre-& post evaluation final test for all students. Completion year one of all training sessions in utmost way.Students well understood Basic English communication skills, conversations, and computer literacy. Students understood Basic English grammar, writing and speaking skills.Students acquired practically skills of developing business plan and then submitted and developed their own business plan proposal. Trainees understood practically the concept of all course contents of management and technology. Computer concepts, basic accounting and bookkeeping, Communicative skills, and English language Students recognized the importance of distinguishing between management and technology in their daily route work.Students understood basic computer applications and software, hardware, and how to generate business ideas and select best one through identifying the real problems/needs in their community, generate solutions to some of those problems, and consider how those solutions could be turned into business ideas.The students recognized how an important to assess their personal strengths and weaknesses, according to the personal entrepreneurial competencies via identifying weaknesses honestly and working to improve them.Well understood entrepreneurship skills, leadership skills, qualities and characteristics to apply managerial skills of the future. The students well comprehended the computer software package like Word processing, Excel or spread sheets, presentation or PowerPoint and Access or Database creating in Microsoft office. -Equipped students focusing practical techniques (computer applications, Hardware, web development, and accounting software applications) to evaluate the likelihood of success of bookkeeping and basic accounting, ideas and identifying the three building blocks of a business opportunity: skills, resources, and market demand plus setting up good pricing strategies for their business.
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