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Stichting KAALO Nederland (SKN) is an international NGO was founded in 1994 by Somali Dutch intellectuals. The purpose is to provide sustainable livelihoods projects to support the most vulnerable communities in the areas of food and shelter, education and skill development programs, health facilities, water and sanitation, livelihoods projects of food security, child protection and human rights, and empowering of poor women, and young people to reduce poverty, and unemployment in Somalia. This active organization is one of the initiators of many reconstruction projects in Somalia. Naturally, Stichting KAALO Nederland works closely with partners in Somalia and International organizations. The starting point is always the demand and needs of the vulnerable community and internally displaced peoples including poor children, youth and women. This has created an indispensable support base.

News and Updates

Income Generation Project for Women (Camp Shabelle)

Shabelle Skills Square is a TVET center built and managed by Stichting Kaalo Nederland. This education center is built for the dwellers of Camp Shabelle and Waberi village of Garowe city to benefit from. It offers hands-on TVET skills that prepare the learners to become higly-skilled learners. The number of

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