Our Partners

SKN is working to gain the trust and confidence among the humanitarian and aid organization in Somalia, and Netherlands, and also trying to attract funds from various donor and INGOs. So far SKN has the following partners;

  1. Wilde Ganzen Foundation
  2. NCDO Foundation
  3. HOVIS
  5. Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  6. Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amsterdam
  7. Public Library Amsterdam
  8. Different Private Organization in the Netherlands
  9. Ministry of Fisheries and Marine resources (MoFMR) in Puntland
  10. Puntland Ministry of Interior, Local Governments& Rural Development
  11. Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs (MOWDAFA) in Puntland
  12. Puntland Ministry of Education & Higher Education (ME & HE)
  13. Kulmiye Development Organization (KADO)
  14. Garowe Local Authority (GLA) and Nugal Regional Administrative
  15. Garowe Vocational Training Center (GVTC).
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