Kaalo and education

Kaalo is a Somali local NGO based in Garowe, Puntland. Somalia. Kaalo is involved in both aid and development. Since 1992, Kaalo has carried out dozens of educational projects in Puntland. Even now, Kaalo is involved in all kinds of educational projects, ranging from primary education, secondary education, vocational education, adult education up to and including the University of Puntland. The finances come from the Somali diaspora, international funds, Kaalo and the local community. Kaalo and Hivos Nederland jointly funded and implemented a six-month course for vulnerable women’s groups, minorities and marginalized HH who could not afford the costs for the study during the study period. There were 16 women who were given the opportunity, of which 12 were funded by Hivos Netherlands and 4 by Kaalo NGO. Performed activities: Kaalo invited eligible women with a High School diploma to a six-month vocational course in office management, simple accounting, English and computer applications at Puntland University within the criteria of selection. There were more than 27 women who took the exam. The above 16 were registered by Kaalo and PSU academic sector. Kaalo and PSU then hired the necessary teachers for this short course. On March 1, 2007, the first of the March – October group of female students with academic scholarships were admitted. Six months of vocational training in office management, basic accounting, English and computer applications was started Kaalo has been lobbying and advocating to find jobs after they passed the course, the result of which was that the Mayor and some of the local and international organizations felt an obligation to create jobs for these female students. Interest has also been expressed from the business community. The mid-term exams have been completed and only two participants have failed. Objectives of these courses: To offer and provide the marginalized minority groups with short-term courses of office skills and knowledge. And to find a possibility of job creation through the introduction of vocational training and skills etc. Outputs: Vulnerable and marginalized women deserve vocational education in Office Skills courses Pledge of employment in place. Good score of mid-term exams reflected Advocacy and lobbying of vulnerable women will continue. Recommendations: Many of the above groups are trying to get an opportunity like this, and both the community and local government are making recommendations for the extension and continuation of these short courses and have identified various areas to promote and develop women’s education. There are also a large number of women who are illiterate and need literacy and vocational training on offer. Post navigation

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